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  • Oph Kiltah


Who is writing these scripts

And why have I been type cast

I gotta call my agent cause something has to be done

I’ll do this one cause I already said I would

BUT this is the last one

No more after this…

At least if I won an award or something it would be worth it

Got some notoriety or my name in lights

At this rate I’m gonna catch a nom for Best Supporting Actor in a Rom-Com but only win vicariously through another

Not once removed from glory but thrice if I’m lucky

Ill walk the red carpet but you won’t find it in any media

No publications

No interviews

No billboards

No podcasts

Just cast in pod sitting on a shelf until specifically needed to throw out my one-liner and trigger the laugh track

Could you at least update that

Could my theme music at least be original

Nope it’s canned just like I’m about to be

That’s nice

Real nice

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