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Dad is a Dud

I’m not what you expected

Honestly, that may not be true

But I wouldn’t know because you’ve never talked much about you

At least not in a real sense.

You’ve talked about your career

All the buddies you’ve made along the way

Not one of them sat you down and told you to stay

I don’t have buddies like that I guess.

What was it like growing up

Who did you look up to

I know who I wanted to look up to

But now I tower over you.

Did you love to read

Was school just a nuisance

Were you a bully or even ruthless

I know you liked money and p….

But none of this I know from you

None of your thoughts, dreams, just the fruit of your desires

Did you have thoughts and dreams for them or were they just a side effect of you being mired in some women

You say you care

But have proven nothing of the sort

I stuff my feelings down

Sometimes let loose a sarcastic retort

But in all reality, lying in your coffin will just be like your lived reality

Cold and Lifeless

And I’ll be stuck with my inheritance: unanswered questions about why you are like this

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