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  • Oph Kiltah

End Credits

Have you ever not wanted to wake up

Wished that the black of your eye lids was the end credit scene to the droll movie that was your life

That the whine of your pulse in your eardrums would tune to a singular pitch that would signify completion of this sour life cycle

Have you ever yearned for your lungs to expel one final gust of breath and deflate like a used whoopie cushion

At least that would put the ass that this life has been to good use

BUT (haha “ass” “but”)

Then I would never bask in the glorious light of your smile again

I could never partake of the melody of your calming voice again

And again, I would forfeit the radiance of your countenance

No, I can’t have that.

But that’s what it would feel like, if I can’t have you.

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