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  • Oph Kiltah


I thought I was cool with all the feels

The happy happy and the joy joy

But then their cousins fear, insecurity and sadness crashed the party and we were outnumbered

A battle ensued the X-men versus these Nimrod class Super Sentinels

With X-gene suppression technology

The superpowers I relied on so heavily were snatched from me in the blink of an eye

Ripped from my cellular walls

I scratched and grasped at the air trying to collect the atoms

But we all know I’m blind on my best day

And each one is just a series of worse

Insecurity disintegrated happiness with a blast to the head

Fear eradicated joy limb by limb

And sadness ascended to the highest Omega level

Went Super Duper Saiyan and emerged as Depression

It took aim at my heart and infected it with the Legacy virus

A strain so powerful that within 3 seconds the music of my pulse arrested.

Cuffing turned to coffin

But you never laid me to rest

Where’s the Phoenix Force when I need it

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