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  • Oph Kiltah


I had to stop watching you.


Because every second of experience rent my heart.

Love is not a spectator sport.

Athleticism ain’t a friend of mine and these contacts don’t make it any easier.

I had a prescription for rose colored glasses once but I broke them and Mass Health won’t cover it.

The specialist can’t see me for 3 months.

I been waitlisted for a therapist.

And who knows if the tests they order are the right ones.

So I’m left to heal myself with homemade sutures.

The biopsy came back is you dumb or is you stupid?

Neither but I will claim deluded.

I wish I could transplant your thoughts to my head because the words you say just leave me confuzzled instead.

I’ll make it easy….

If I ain’t the one, don’t respond.

But cause I know your anatomy, I know you’ll choose wrong.

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