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  • Oph Kiltah


I never cared about 1s 12s or 13s

But I was still 10 toes down

I never wore a Gucci belt

I just wanted my belly full and round

I couldn’t care less about a Polo

They didn’t sit right on my moobies anyway

And Tru religions weren’t a religion I could practice any day

I never cared about a SnapBack cause there was too much on my mind

And a haircut every week now that’s where I drew the line

Why wear a chain to highlight my chicken chest or to accent the Adam’s apple missing from my neck

My wrist is only cold in winter cause I can’t spell Patek

Pathetic some might look and say

But material things have never been my way

Is it because I was broke


Maybe I was

They say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it

But what are you fixated on?

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