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Ode 15

They say love makes you do crazy things

I don’t get why they call it crazy tho

I mean -

What’s so crazy about wanting to inhale you

To fill my nostrils with your effervescence

To succumb to your pheromones

What’s so crazy about wanting to skate my lips over every rise and fall of your epic form and let it’s taste become imprinted on my tastebuds

What’s so crazy about marveling at your ankles

I mean they do get to ferry greatness across the earth

What’s so crazy about listening to voice notes of your breathing while you traverse through peaceful dreams so that when we are apart, it’s like you’re resting next to me

What’s so crazy about touching your forehead to mine and waiting while you read my thoughts. You always know what’s on my mind

See I’m not crazy

I’m not tapped

I’m just certifiably in love

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