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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 17




Cupid, you had one job.

I’m the blind one not you

All you had to do was take your aim

And shoot

Did you not see her

How can you not see her

The strands of her hair are an extension of an active and sharp mind

Her forehead’s a lil shiny but that should have helped

Her nose is the perfect ratio and it makes her profile unmistakable

Her cheekbones, oh her cheekbones. I could write ballad after ballad about how her gorgeous smile is made even more prominent by them

Her lips she teased and taunted me with and I am superglued to their sensuality

Her ears - she listened or she heard or she listened (one of those)

Dude what more did I need to say

When you asked for a description, I gave it

I transcribed her most intimate details from memory

I didn’t miss a single, subtle nuance

C’mon son

Help me out

You got like 17 million more arrows

Just take a couple more shots


Wait, I only get one


It’s a sin that you missed.

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