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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 26

It’s Hump Day but I’m not quite over it

Thinking and drinking still sober but if

I decided to change that would it make it better or worse

The say it weakens the inhibitions

Liquid courage is its moniker

I’m sarcastic like Chandler and view the world like Phoebe trying to be friends with the friend of Monica

A little more than friends really

Some might call that silly

If I star 69 I just wanna hear her voice through the monitor

She cold blooded and I’m warm hearted

But my temperatures been dropping since the day she departed

Hopefully I won’t have to hit Subzero before she gets over here

She stung me like a Scorpion watching my mortality disappear

I’m in combat with good sense but my status is broke

A fatality in the works has got my pockets on choke

Hmmm I wonder if you like that

That’s a question for another time.. why did I write that

Anyway I stand at the ready with open palms to greet you

The next tattoo you get better be because I gave it to you

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