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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 28

Love me out loud or don’t love me at all

That doesn’t mean post me or scream my name to the world

It means tell me and show me how you feel about me everyday

Let me know that you feel lucky to have me the way that I feel blessed to have you

Don’t tell me you need me

Tell me that you want me

That you choose me the way I choose you

Put ice in my water

And tease me about the chicken that you’re cooking that I can’t eat

Sink into me when I put my arms around you

You know I’m fat so that should be an easy feat

Ask me about my day and listen to me geek out over sound and the way the lyrics tie together while rubbing my head

And when we’re both exhausted nestle in my chest when we meet in bed

Love me with your whole heart, mind and soul

And in all ways I’ll return it 1,000 fold

I promise

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