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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 3

Another trip around its axis

More steps placed in its dirt

Seconds blended together

In a smoothie without mirth

Sky overcast with grayed cotton

The forecast sunny for what that’s worth

Cause meteorology is a game of chance

And I think my chances have run their course

But still I cling to hope like humid air

In a summer southern church

Where preachers preach about the Messiah

And His awfully lowly birth

But with a Star for a nightlight

And heavens choir on the burst

The good news was heralded

For all across the earth

Now I don’t think I’m so important that I need such fanfare

Just an utterance through 5G

Would surely take me there

Not much need be said

And even less would it take to share

I just want to walk in your world

And 112 said it best: Anywhere

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