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Ode 35

I walked by a florist today and admired the flowers

My eyes darted from stem to stem taking in every colorful bud

A myriad of scents tickled my nose

I was looking for something tho I didn’t know it yet

But as soon as I found it

I knew

Amongst the bouquets of red, yellow, pink and orange, these stood out

They were centerstage and all the others seemed wilted next to them

As if they were bowing to the others majesty, their royalty

My eyes beheld the blue

They say that the blooms’ colors mean something and long ago I learned that blue meant


My eyes wouldn’t let them leave my vision

My neck dared my head to turn

My hands itched to reach out stroke petal

But my head said no

Hope springs eternal and this well runs deep

I’m just here standing at the side of the road

Hoping for you to walk with me

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