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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 4

The horizon

The threshold to forever

And just like it

The closer I seem to get

The further yet it is

The sunrise

Peaking over its lip

Washing it in light

Bathing it in array of colors

Alighting it with warmth

And just like it

My temperature rises

As you dawn on me

The noon

The apex and the zenith

The height and epitome of your blaze

Sweltering everything it touches

And just like it

I am left with no shade

Revealing my whole truth

The sunset

The golden hour

The softest light

Pure in its glow

And just like it

You are creeping away

While I beg to hold on

Trying to capture that final picture

The horizon

The threshold to forever

Forever it goes on

But unlike it

I can’t without you

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