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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 5

Knowledge is power

And the scales are tipped 99.99% in your favor

I feel the weight

The angst

While that .01% I savor

It is both enough and not

It is both a loathsome burden and the most epicurious freedom

Knowing what little I know

But I will take that mustard seed

Plant it deep in my mortal coil

This fertile soil

I will whet it

Like my voracious appetite for you

The light of the glorious orb will pale

In comparison to the ultraviolet that my passion will rain down on it

It will take root

I will rout you out

And when it comes to pass

Not a bulb

A bloom

A blossom

A flower

The most magnificent red wooden sentinel

Will compare to that which will flourish from us

We will stand the test of time


A tree planted by the water

I’m ready for my first sip

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