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  • Oph Kiltah


I never ascribed much to the power of the moon but the tide of these emotions, the ebb and flow, has got to be the work of something larger than I. I’m not quite large enough for my own gravitational pull so I don’t think it’s me. Or is that just me avoiding accountability? Am I responsible for these feelings, these errant thoughts? Is it the fault of my thought process that lives in reality but constantly skirts on the edge of fascination with you? Is my imagination at work on overdrive in overtime up against the reality that “dude, nah that’s not it.” The writings on the wall, screaming at me in bold neon letters, framed by a strobe light, but that just keeps me entranced. I guess I’ll just keep staring slack jawed, mouth agape, eyes dazzled until I hit that seizure like the dab. What a way to go!

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