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  • Oph Kiltah


Have all words been exhausted?

Every connotation, denotation, inference, implication and annotation been used up such that vocabulary has become redundant.

Has all meaning been lost to the aether?

I would build a rocket ship with my bare hands to launch myself into the cosmos in search of new worlds, new languages, new inflections all just to tell you again that I don’t want to experience this reality or the next without you.

There will forever be another song, more prose, sermons of my desire to be encumbered by your spirit.

You have the remote to my emotions.

You rewind, fast forward and stop the flow of my joy.

You arrest me in my tracks.

You pause the music.

You are my Train of Thought…

Tell me I’m not at the wrong stop.

Where I am and where I want to be have yet to intersect.

Your boarding pass is waiting at the gates.

This is your captain speaking: Get Your ….. On The Plane.

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