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You Make Me Sick

You make me sick

Not in a disgusting, resentful way

But my guts are twisted

I can’t rely on the memory of our last visit much longer

I need a re-up

Trust me I can free up any amount of time you need

Cause I need you

I feen’ you like Jodeci

My vitamins are deficient

My minerals are depleted

I crave you in my skin like cocoa butter

I’m ashy

Phone dry

Even though I try

I just need the slightest drip to hydrate

You could capitulate my misery with a touch

With word you could disseminate it to the farthest reaches of the earth

And given that wide berth I could find fulfillment

In turn let me fill you

Spill you

Drill you with copious nigh infinite moments of joy





All while you smirk

This is fun for you

I get it

You get off on the power

I guess I should let you in on a little secret

My name is Powerline and if we listen to each other’s hearts we’ll be more than fine

So stop being goofy and let me be good for you

Damn you got me sick

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