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Ode 22

There are 3 sides to every story

And only one of them is the truth

But the truth really isn’t my concern right now

Sometimes we just end up on the wrong side

And it’s not wrong because you did something

It’s just not the side you want to be on

Have you ever been on the wrong side

And you only get to be a spectator to the rest of the story

You see the Princess

You admire her from afar

You watch her drop the crystal slipper

Yelling for her to grab it

But she you can’t hear you

And you can’t run and grab it yourself

Because you can’t find a way up, down, around or through the fourth wall

Yeah life is a sitcom

But you watch her

Go back to her life and circumstance


You those around her who don’t see the golden rose that she is

Who eclipse the light that shines on her

But thankfully can;t quench the light within

You just want to be the mirror that reflects that light

That shows her every detail, the beauty in her flaws and imperfections

But then he arrives

They call him “Prince Charming”

Prince Charming all right..

Your heart sinks into the pit of your stomach as he reveals the glass slipper, gets on his knees, and slowly slides it on her slender foot

It seems to alight her foot with ease for a second and then she winces

His expression changes

He grunts and pushes

She squirms


You jump excitedly and when you do something hits the ground behind you

You look down and there it is

Sparkling in hopeful glory, the real glass slipper

You don’t know what to do

You yell, scream, bang on that fourth wall

You would move Heaven and earth to get to her

You would scale Everest

You would cross the Pacific

You would …

You try everything to break free

Where’s a sledgehammer when you need one?

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