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  • Oph Kiltah

Ode 24

I fell asleep before midnight and it messed up my plans

Life has a habit of doing that

Well… Life, Sleep, Money

Cause if my pockets would get on the same page as my principles I’d be on a plane right now

On a getaway

With the goal of stealing away your heart

With just the shirt on my back, a strand of hope, a fiber of courage and a sliver of luck I’d find you

The rush to the airport, the flight, the landing, the Uber to the hotel, ending with a knock on the door would be the craziest movie montage ever

With a single flower in hand and the most awkward grin

With sweat beginning to waterfall from my brow and a jittering pulse

I would wait for you to answer

I feel like somehow you’d know it was me at the door

I would feel your gaze through it…

And completely lose my nerve

By the time you made it to the door, and the click of the lock releasing pierced the air, I’d already be in the elevator on my way to the lobby

I dream too much and even the dreams don’t seem to go my way.

I need a new hobby

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