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Ode 25

Many things have crossed my mind this morning

The fact that those thoughts made it across such an endless landscape is astounding to me

But as soon as the arrive they disappear

Displaced by the next on a high speed conveyor belt to unfulfilled goals

Incomplete tasks

And unperformed set lists

There’s a crowd of a hundred thousand

Raising an uproar to the heavens

Sound reverberating of every surface

A din so powerful I don’t think my hearing will survive

The waves of appendages swaying to the rhythms

The bodies convulsing to the beats

A sight for the ages

But as the curtains open and I saunter to centerstage

There is only one pair of eyes I search for

Two eardrums I want my melody to bounce off of

Ten fingers and two palms to meet in agreement

And they’re nowhere to be found

I know you had to go


Tell me you’ll be back soon

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